X-Ray Recycling

At Protec, we recycle outdated and end of life X-Ray and MRI film from anywhere in the US for silver recovery purposes.. Call today for more info!


Security, Integrity, Sustainability

Eco Friendly Silver Recovery from X-Ray Film

Landfills are no place for outdated X-Rays. X-Ray film is composed mainly of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic and is coated with silver, creating a highly reactive and flammable artifact. X-rays are also private health records, and it is illegal to simply toss them into the trash.

At Protec Recycling, we provide experienced and comprehensive X-Ray recycling, addressing both the toxic material aspect and the personal privacy concerns with regard to these ubiquitous medical records.

Located in Homewood, Alabama, Protec Recycling accepts X-Ray shipments from across the U.S.

How Protec Recycling Can Help

  • Storage – Protec will provide bins to store x-ray film until they are ready for pickup.
  • Logistics – Protec will pick up your old x-ray film and transport to our facility.
  • Recycle – X-Ray film is fully destroyed and recycled back into the commodity stream.
  • Certify – Protec will issue a Certificate of Destruction, ensuring your company’s compliance with HIPAA laws.

Types of X-Ray Film Recycled

We recycle all kinds of X-Rays, such as medical X-Rays, MRI, Dental, vets, NDT film, industrial film, lithographic and most kinds of other radiology photography.

The X-Ray Recycling Process

If your films are received in the paper jackets, we will first remove all the films out of the jackets. The jackets are recycled with paper, then all film is sent to a refiner where it is chemically washed and silver is recovered. The left over, which is a clear PET plastic, will be recycled as well. All sensitive information will be destroyed permanently on the films and jackets.

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