Electronics Recycling

At Protec, we serve home users and businesses of every size. Whether you work in industry, a government agency, or the healthcare field, our mission is to assure that your end-of-life electronics are securely recycled or reused. You have our ‘zero landfill’ guarantee.”


Security, Integrity, Sustainability

Full Service Electronic Recycling

Protec Recycling is a one-stop option for protecting personal information as well as handling your e-recycling needs.

We want to assure individuals and businesses that the e-waste they are recycling is being properly handled. When your old electronics are decommissioned or no longer used, you have a local company that will properly recycle the materials back into the commodity stream and not a landfill. Protec Recycling takes great pride in breaking down and separating all materials into a single source (IE: plastics, metals etc.) so they can be properly recycled and re-used.

Recycling down to raw materials from end-of-life electronics is the most effective solution to the growing e-waste problem. Most electronic devices contain a variety of materials, including metals, plastics and other materials that can be recovered for future uses.

Recycling e-waste enables us to recover various valuable metals and other materials from electronics, saving natural resources, reducing pollution, conserving landfill space, and creating jobs.  By dismantling and providing reuse possibilities, intact natural resources are conserved, and air and water pollution caused by hazardous disposal is avoided. Additionally, recycling reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the manufacturing of new products. It simply makes good sense and is efficient to recycle and to do our part to keep the environment green.

At Protec, We Offer:

  • Full-service IT Recycling Services: Protec Recycling manages all aspects of the IT disposition process for our clients and develops customized programs to meet their specific requirements. Superior customer service and data security are our paramount objectives.
  • Logistics: Protec Recycling’s professional staff is deployed to customer locations for pick-up, packaging and loading.
  • Data Security Services: Customers can select on-site or off-site, guaranteed physical destruction (shredding). Services are compliant with HIPAA, GLBA, FACTA and DoD best practices. A certificate of data destruction and serial report are provided.
  • Audits and Reporting: Protec offers full audits of equipment recycled. A comprehensive list, including serial number, make, model and asset tag can be provided for record keeping and chain-of-custody reporting.

You are welcome to drop off electronics during our normal business hours.

*Fees apply to some items.

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