Electronics Recycling

At Protec, we serve home users and businesses of every size. Whether you work in industry, a government agency, or the healthcare field, our mission is to assure that 100% of your end-of-life electronics are recycled or reused. You have our "zero landfill" guarantee.

Hard Drive Destruction

Securely destroy hard drives and other info-containing devices for privacy law compliance and brand protection. (SSDs, USB Drives, Backup Tapes and more) Services can be performed at your facility or ours. A Certificate of Destruction and serial audit report are provided.

Paper Shredding

At Protec, our mobile shredding fleet serves businesses, government, and healthcare facilities of all sizes, even homeowners. We ensure that 100% of your sensitive documents are certified destroyed. We offer unmatched reliability and affordable pricing.

X-Ray Recycling

Our teams are well-versed in chain of custody and certified destruction protocols for HIPAA compliant medical records, including X-Ray films. All of the films are chemically washed and the silver is recovered. The remaining PET plastic is recycled as well.


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